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Why getting an SSL certificate to your website?

Why getting an SSL certificate

Few people are still wondering why they should get an SSL certificate on their website, thinking getting an SSL certificate would be costly and is only used by large enterprises.


Well not really! If you are starting a new website or have an existing one that you want to bring out there for more people to see, then you will definitely need to get an SSL certificate!


Secure Socket Layer (or SSL) Certificate provides encrypted data transfer between a server and a browser. If you are transmitting sensitive information like credit card numbers or personal information, you need to secure it with SSL encryption. Within an SSL certificate, all the data sent by your website can be seen and hacked by anyone.


SSL Certificates are small data files installed on your servers. When installed on your server, it shows the padlock and the HTTPS protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a customer browser. When using a certificate, the application protocol will become HTTPS (instead of HTTP), S meaning Secure. The browser will show a padlock or green bar for a website that has an SSL Certificate installed.


You can read more here about what SSL certificate should I get.


Getting an SSL certificate provides a lot of advantages:

  • Protection from hackers with encrypted data An SSL certificate protects your sensitive information (logins will no longer be passed in plain text but will be encrypted). e.g.: credit card information, usernames, passwords… The SSL certificate will encrypt your data sent across the Internet so that only the intended recipient can understand it. Without a certificate, since the information you send on the Internet is passed from computer to computer to get to the destination server, any computer receiving your information could see your credit card numbers, usernames and passwords if they are not encrypted. An SSL certificate protects you and your customers from hackers and identity thieves.
https padlock secure
https padlock secure
  • Increases your Google Rankings – better SEO HTTPS will help you improve your SEO,
    as Google has confirmed the ranking impact of using HTTPS
    See page article here:
    You can also receive more referrer data: When traffic passes from a secure HTTPS site to a non-secure
    HTTP site, the referral data gets removed. If your website is not secure and doesn’t have the
    SSL certificate, you would be losing on the referring data from the secure websites. You can see this
    traffic in your analytics report as ‘Direct’ referral: you will not know where the traffic actually comes
  • Improves your customer trust and increase your conversion rates
    Web browsers give visual warnings, such as a padlock icon or a green bar, to show your visitors that
    their connection is secured on your website when you use an SSL certificate.
    Customers are more likely to trust your website if they see these signs and icons, and they are also
    more likely to buy from you or register on your website.
  • Moving to HTTP/2
    While HTTP/2 supports both secure and non-secure connections, both Mozilla Firefox and Google
    Chrome will only support HTTP/2 over HTTPS. This means that to use the full advantages of HTTP/2,
    your website will need to be served over HTTPS and have an SSL certificate.


Hopefully this has motivated you to get your SSL certificate!


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