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SEO for Single Page Application

How to optimise SEO for Single Page Applications (SPA)?


Before looking at how to optimise SEO for Single Page Applications, for those who do not know yet what is a Single Page Application (SPA) and why this is hugely beneficial for your website, have a look at our previous article.


For a single page web application, a single web page is loaded into the visitor’s browser, the next web page being displayed dynamically according to the user’s actions, for an increased user experience and a much faster response time when showing information to users, especially on mobile.


The reason why SPAs haven’t (yet) invaded the web and turned all websites into beautiful pages with smooth and fast transitions is simple and stands in 3 simple letters… SEO!


For the user, and for developers, JavaScript SPA is an attractive solution but for the SEO managers, it is a great source of problems.



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